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Small Tools (Floating multi window app)


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Versi Terbaru

NamaSmall Tools APK
Versi1.1.6 (10)
Diupdate16 Jun 2018
KategoriAplikasi, Alat

Aplikasi Small Tools (Floating multi window app)

Anda dapat menggunakan alat ini bersamaan dengan aplikasi lainnya<br>Kalkulator, Notepad, Kamera dll

How convenience!

This app adds a new function to the notification bar and enables tool app to launcher any time!
Moreover, you can start the tool app while using other apps!
You must surprise at convenience.
You must surprise at convenience.

(Example 1) Check the calculator or the capture site while playing the game.
(Example 2) Photographing in a quiet store can be taken with a silent camera inconspicuously.
(Example 3) Taking a note or calculating with a calculator while watching the website.
(Example 4) You can take a note any time and check the notes in the notification area any time.

It is easy for beginners!

It is easy because difficult operations and settings are unnecessary.
More over, operating instructions is explained with animation simply.

All functions are for free!

This app shows ads only when it confirm the end of the tool in order to provide it for free.
Since the ads does not appear during operation, it does not disturb the operation.
Still, for those who want to hide ads, you can hide the ads by In-app purchases.
You can choose your favorite one.

About sharing

If you introduce the app, you do not need permission so please post it freely.
Please use icon images, screenshots etc. of the app freely.
I am glad if you can share it on site, SNS, magazines, TV programs etc.
Come thank you.

Small Tools (Floating multi window app)
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