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Versi Terbaru

NamaSokoban APK
Versi1.2 (3)
Diupdate22 Apr 2021
KategoriGame, Teka-teki

Game Sokoban

Classic Sokoban Game.

"Sokoban" is an ancient game from Japan, the purpose is to train your logical thinking ability. In a limited space, you need to put the wooden box in the designated position, and you need to make good use of the limited space and passage, and arrange the order and position of the movement reasonably to complete the task smoothly.
"Sokoban" once again successfully proved that: simple game rules can also create extremely complex game works. This is a game that you know how to play at a glance. Its classic is its level design. This collection collects a lot of levels, I believe it can bring you an extraordinary game experience. In order to give you a better grasp of the game, we also provide answers to the previous 300 levels. If you can’t get through a certain level, I believe it can help you well.

game rules:
-The box can only be pushed, but not pulled
-When the box is pushed into the dead end, it can no longer be moved
-Move all boxes to the designated location
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