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Versi Terbaru

Versi1.1.2 (112)
Diupdate30 Okt 2019
DeveloperKeep Walking Health Group
KategoriAplikasi, Kesehatan & Kebugaran

Aplikasi Step Younger

Smart Pedometer & Fitness Tracking

Step Younger is a free pedometer app that helps you monitor your physical activity and progress by accurately counting and recording your daily steps. Step Younger helps you track the distance you’ve traveled and records your daily workout habits. Easily analyze your stats through visual graphs and simple infographics. We’ll also keep you motivated to take more steps by offering awesome rewards for FREE!

Download and activate Step Younger to start tracking your daily steps now! The app will count and record your steps automatically—even with the screen locked, as long as your device is with you. Step Younger will accurately count and record your step activity to help you determine and adjust your sport activity plan.

Main Features:

Real-Time Step Counter

➤Records your fitness activity (number of steps, distance, speed etc.). Built-in pedometer will track your walking or running step activity every day.

Win Free Rewards

➤Win rewards by collecting puzzles as you walk or run. Keep motivated knowing that the more you travel, the closer you are to claiming your prize!

Customized Fitness Plan

➤Set your personal goals for duration, distance, or interval training. Check your progress and adjust your schedule anytime, anywhere!

Personal Health Report

➤Track your health and workout habits. Set your reporting time and Step Younger will generate your personal daily steps and ranking reports on time automatically. Join us to start your fitness journey!

Smart Notification Alerts

➤You can check and confirm your activity progress through the notification bar to make sure the tracker is on. Make every step count!

Intuitive Design

➤Step Younger offers a clean and easy-to-use interface for an excellent user experience.

Continuous Achievements System

➤Count your steps, track your activity, and improve the accuracy of step counting to upgrade your level. Set and achieve goals to level up.

How to Use Step Younger Effectively

✦ Adjust step counter sensitivity to enroll in a fitness plan based on your physical condition.

✦ Check your real-time step activity by setting a fixed banner in your notification bar.

✦ Start, Pause, and Stop counting steps as you wish. Check your active time and flexibly access your number of steps.

✦ Warm-up before walking. 2-minute warm-up and stretching exercises help you walk or run more safely.

Start walking with the aid of a pedometer. Simply track your step activity each day to improve physical fitness, strengthen heart rate and lung functioning, and increase muscle strength. The more steps you take, the healthier and fit you’ll be!
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