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23 Des 2017
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Subwater Subnautica GAME

Subwater Subnautica is an endless ocean with elements of survival. The main point is that you need to survive on an unknown planet, all of it is covered with water, you will swim in the endless ocean. To do this, you are given the opportunity to assemble a pair of submarines of different sizes.
The game of Subnautica begins with the fact that you find yourself in the rescue capsule. After a short flight, she falls on the water. Once the protagonist comes to his senses, he goes out into the open ocean world out. Above the water unterwasser your ship is towering in the distance, it is damaged and can not be restored. To repair such carcass would take a lot of time, then get out from an unknown planet there is no way, you need to survive!
Your only companion in the game Subwater Subnautica while traveling is the electronic voice of a robotic assistant, an analog siri, which will inform you the necessary information. For example, when you find copper, it will say that your chances of survival have grown by 37%, because this is an important element and it is used in most electronics.
In the subnautica full game, you need to swim under water, look for food and fresh water. To consolidate its position it will be necessary to build a base. But it's not as simple as it seems. Most of the instruments and structures in the subnautica will not be available immediately. Most of them need to be investigated. To do this, look for the white boxes on the bottom and scan them with the scanner. Thus, by collecting a sufficient number of parts, you can build some objects.
At the beginning of the subnautica the real game, there are many items to research, but eventually the resources will begin to run out, and you'll have to swim further, hoping to find something. So you start exploring the world of Subnautica.
It is desirable to immediately create a small submarine "Moth". It moves quickly and allows you not to rise to the surface beyond the air. However, its depth limit is 145 meters, and some necessary resources and objects for research can be at a depth of up to one kilometer. Also in the subwater survival simulator there is a "Cyclops", it is a faster and more stable submarine that will allow you to dive deeper.
The environment in subnautica games is very beautiful, and the creators worked hard to see what was there. The atmosphere is excellent, while sailing you plunge into the world of mysterious research. After all, you never know what you can find in subwater survival.
The map in the game Subwater Subnautica is not very large, but it will not work out at once. The creatures of the underwater world and landscapes in the subnautica game open just amazing, which is only a cave with luminous mushrooms. It's worth saying once again that the developers managed to create an amazing atmosphere in the subnautica, you will often have to shudder at the attack of some huge predatory fish.
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