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SuperVPN, jumlah VPN client gratis.<br>Mudah digunakan, satu klik untuk menghubungkan VPN.


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22 Mar 2022
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Super VPN APK - The best Solution to Get Access in the Restricted Website

Are you finding a VPN service that helps you pass through the restriction area structure? If yes, then let us introduce you to Super VPN APK - one of the best VPN services for Android. 

A VPN, known as a Virtual Private Network, allows users to set up a virtual private network with another network on the Internet. VPNs can help users to access geographically restricted websites or protect your browsing activity from other users on public WiFi networks by setting up a virtual private network.

Essentially, a VPN forwards all your network traffic to the system - which can remotely access local network resources and bypass Internet censorship.

To do that on the Android devices, you need a VPN app. So today, we introduce you the Supervpn - an Android app that helps you create a virtual private network for free. 


How Super VPN APK Works

When connecting your computer to the Internet, the VPN will change your computer address to a foreign country.

When you browse the web, your request will be forwarded to another country, and then it will come back to your computer. Therefore, no one can track your real address. 

For example, if you're using a U.S. VPN to access Netflix, Netflix will know your connection is located in the United States.


The Best Feature of Super VPN

Surf the Web Safely, Anonymously I.P.

Super VPN apk is an Android app that helps users surf anonymously thanks to the VPN clients that provide I.P. address completely free. 

This app will protect your online information when you access any different web addresses.

Your online data such as your username, account number, bank card, credit card, etc. will be encrypted so no one can steal them from you. Your personal information will also be protected and cannot be known to anyone else.


Pass Through the Restricted Website

Super VPN is a tool to help you access all the blocked websites due to geographical distances between countries or for political reasons.

Super VPN can bypass the geographic restriction by using different I.P. addresses so that you can access restriction websites. 


Increase internet speed

Using this utility is also a solution for you to increase the speed of the Internet connection by bypassing the bandwidth limit. 

Now you can comfortably listen to music online on Android without worrying about the interruption.

The VPN service provider for the user 6 U.S. server and nine services of other

And after experiencing this app performance, we realize that it has many advantages but also some disadvantages to the operation. 

For those who use the PC., you can download an Android emulator software to install and run the Super VPN app. 

Pros and Cons of Super VPN


  1. User doesn't have to sign up for an account to use the Super VPN service. If you want to have the VIP version, then you have to pay a small amount of money (about less than $10 per month). 
  2. Privacy is extremely high. There aren't any leak of I.P. or DNS server after several tests.
  3. Super VPN has good internet speed; However, you may sometimes get a bit of trouble with the low downloading speed. As you have put your DNS server into other countries, so the data may take a long time to reach your devices. In this case, you switch to another VPN service in a country that nearest your location, this work can speed up your downloading process.
  4. Various VPN server. Super VPN apk app provides for the user seven servers from different countries (Global, France, Canada, United States, Germany, Japan, England).  


  1. It's a lack of server. We have to say honestly that Super VPP provides you fewer VPN servers than other apps. You only have seven options, and two of them (Japan and England) are only for the VIP user.
  2. Not support the Torrent's service. Unfortunately, you cannot download files by the Torrent while you used the Super VNP. 
  3. Not flexible on the charging process. The only way to become a VIP user is that you have to pay the money. However, Super VPP only accepts the payment through the VPN Payment Tool app. 
  4. Super VPN is only available for Android devices. So for those who use Windows or iOS operating systems, you can download an Android emulator to your device to run Super VPN app.


How to Download and Install Super VPN Apk App

There is nothing challenging to download and install the Super VPN apk app. Follow these steps below correctly. 

  1. Search and download Super VPN apk files from apk downloader.
  2. Allow "install apps from an unknown source." in the setting. 
  3. Open the downloaded files and tab on the Super VPN apk files to install the app.
  4. Wait about one minute for the installed process. Then you can run this app.


Wrapping up,

All the above is all the information about the Super VPN apk service.  Overall, For those who want to browse the internet anonymously, then SuperVPN is the best choice for you. Or, if you are looking for content that has been restricted in your area, then this app can satisfy your demand. 

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