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Versi Terbaru

Versi2075.0.1 (8)
Diupdate10 Agt 2018
DeveloperYarsa Labs
KategoriAplikasi, Musik & Audio

Aplikasi Teej 2075 Songs - Free Teej Geet, SMS and Cards

Teej 2075 lagu, video, sms yang indah dan kartu untuk festival Haritalika Teej.

Teej Songs - Teej Geet, SMS and Cards lets you find all Nepali teej songs in one app.

This is a festival special app. Once Teej ends, this app will automatically be updated as Dashain and Tihar Special! This app lets you watch Nepali teej songs, videos and save them.

यो चाडपर्व विशेष एप हो । अहिले तीजको बेला भएर तीज विशेष भएता पनि तीज सकिएलगत्तै यही एप दशैँ-तिहार विशेष एपको रुपमा अपडेट हुनेछ ।

Features | यो एपका विशेषताहरू
>> Watch Teej Songs, Teej Videos ( | तीजका गीतहरू
>> Save Favorite Videos | मन परेको भिडियो सेभ गर्ने
>> Search New Videos 2073 | भिडियो खोज्न मिल्ने
>> Teej SMS Messages | तीजका लागि मेसेजहरू
>> Teej Wishing Cards | तीजका शुभकामना कार्डहरू
>> Daily new SMS & Cards! | दिनदिनै नयाँ मेसेज र कार्ड
>> Set Teej wallpaper! | तीजका फोटो वालपेपेर राख्ने
>> Send wishes to friends! | साथीलाई शुभकामना दिने
>> Send card to friends! | शुभकामना कार्ड सेयर गर्ने

FAQ | प्राय सोधिने प्रश्नहरू
Can I download the videos?
This app is NOT a video downloader, so this app does not let its user download videos. Downloading videos from Youtube is not allowed because the content is owned by the creator. Some apps are available outside of Play Store that let you download video. We do not recommend that because such apps may harm your system.

भिडियो कसरी डाउनलोड गर्ने ?
यो भिडियो डाउनलोड गर्ने एप होइन त्यसैले यो एप मात्र राखेर भिडियो डाउनलोड गर्न मिल्दैन ।यू-ट्यूबमा भएका भिडियोमा सो गीतका निर्माताको हक हुने भएकाले बिना अनुमति डाउनलोड गर्न दिईँदैन । तर भिडियो डाउनलोड गर्नको लागि प्ले स्टोर बाहिरबाट अर्को एप डाउनलोड गर्न भने सकिन्छ ।

What about price and support?
- It is totally free for unlimited time
- We regularly update the app
- We also add new features on demand

Can I recommend this app?
Sure! We'd love to hear when you recommend this app to your family and friends.

You can send us a message directly if you have any queries, feedback or feature requests.

Thank you for installing Teej Special App.
With ♥ from Nepal

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