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Versi Terbaru

Versi1.0.1 (101)
Diupdate31 Agt 2019
DeveloperPlayneep Game
KategoriGame, Simulasi

Game Tournament of shinobi

Future hokage examination !

A tournament of shinobi and 5 ninja villages to find the next 9th hokage. A power battle of ninja arena to find
the best valor to be next hokage. Choose 1 champion and train to be master. Can you be the next hokage ?

Tournament of shinobi feature:
- Ninja arena with over 100 heroes, 30 supporters
- Mnay powerful skill : ninjutsu, jutsu, charka
- special techniques and combination attacks (hidden combo)
- Fighting skills include close-ranged and combination attacks for massive damage
- Ninja Field Skills can turn the tide of battle in your favor
- Fighting closely with your team allows for great opportunity, but also great risk

Hurry up ! the power of shinobi are waiting for you !
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