You become a survivor in the zombie world and with your friends remain living


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16 Nov 2016
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Game Unturned online 3.0

Do you want to exploration the world of zombie apocalypse? Where necessary to survive run away from the zombies? Look for items, loot, find car. Build your base or refuge with their friends. Craft items and ammo, protect your base from zombie bosses!

It is entirely possible to live off the wilderness by harvesting resources, fishing, growing crops and hunting down animals.

Explore :
You have an open world (sandbox) where you can find new friends, to survive

Multiplayer :
In multiplayer (PvP servers) you can battle other players to steal their gear, or play Arena mode servers for a last man standing experience.

Creative :
In PvE you can team up with other players without fear of death, or create a group and work together in PvP! You can also progress Unturned's story by helping rebuild society questing with NPCs.

If you want to try yourself in the zombie apocalypse world, then this game is for you! Download, and survive in the world of zombies with your friends online absolutely free!

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