WiFi WPS Connect Pro Memeriksa keamanan jaringan Anda menggunakan protokol wps.


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12 Des 2020
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WiFi WPS Connect Pro APP

Do you want to know if your Access Point is vulnerable at the Wps protocol?
Wifi WPS Connect Pro is the app that you need!

This Wps app allows you to connect to a WiFi network using an 8-digit pin number or try default pins that usually is predefined in the router, the problem is that the pin of many routers from different companies is known or is known how to calculate it.

Use is very simple, when scanning networks around us, you will see networks with a red cross, these are "secure" networks, they have disabled the WPS protocol and default password is unknown.

Those with a green tick are most likely vulnerable, have the WPS protocol enabled and the connection pin is known It may also be that the router has WPS disabled, but the password is known.

Luckily just a small part of Wireless Access Point are vulnerable to WPS protocol.

If you will find that you Access WiFi is vulnerable to WPS protocol we advise you to deactivate it.

Pins are calculated with several algorithms throught Mac address.

If you already know the wps pin you can use the app to connect and get the password using your pin.

If your mobile are not rooted you can use the application to connect wifi, but you cannot show password without rooted

This App provides you tools to optimize an increase network security.

What is WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) ?


Some important Notes:

This application requires to grant a location permission and turning on GPS location for Android 6.0 or higher.

The reason you need to allow location permission and turning on GPS location is because of Android 6.0 or higher versions limitations and the new Google policy.

More information in:


Not All Networks are vulnerable and that the network appears as such does not guarantee 100% that it is several companies have updated firmware of their routers to correct the fault.

The application was developed for educational purposes, Use Wifi WPS Connect Pro app only with your own AP for do not go against the law.
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