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If you want to open a business related to public places such as cafes, then you need to do is focus on comfort, uniqueness, and interior design and have different characteristic. The most important thing is comfort in a place to chat and socialize. There are some tips that you can apply on your new cafe.
Make important points in the corner cafe
In a corner of the building certainly has a key focus on design. For example, if you want a unique cafe with a vintage feel, can Aada design section corner of the room with the works of the little outdated with the dominant color of the wood. Or you can make a detail at the bar with old-fashioned ornaments.
Detail design as it will add to the ambience warm and homie, that you can use as a character who wants to build on your cafe. If menginkan kind of cafe that is open and blends with nature, can be added to the glass with water seepage down from it so as to give the feel of cool fun.
Focus on lights
Lamps can take you on a new, more soothing atmosphere. For the design of the café, the right light used is yellow or light bulb. The incandescent lamp which gives light not too bright so that it will give its own when combined with exotic wood floors before you apply. The lights in the room can also be selected with a slight accent your simple crystal so that later the impression of luxury is still visible. Good cafe will provide a satisfactory service to its customers.
Garnish with displays and artwork
The art work will make your cafe has a color in the preservation of art and culture. The art work that you put in the corner of the cafe will attract customers to observe and enjoy. This art can be paintings, the result of photography, and pottery of high value. The goods you display will be able to appreciate the love of the art form.

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