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Apr 12, 2022

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Make your dream house  clean and beautiful in this ideal house cleaning game. You' ll  have lots of fun playing the best  house cleaning games for girls and toddlers! 
      Learn how to clean up your room, do laundry, clean the bathroom and wash the dishes in the kitchen. Take good care of your pet dog by cleaning dog house , wash the car and more, clean swimming pool, garden and many more! The house has variety of places to clean such as....

*Kitchen cleaning:
Make your kitchen hygienic by washing dirty dishes and clearing food mess. Kitchen cabinets cleaning is also there.

* Toy room cleaning:
collect toys scattered around and place them at proper place.

* Living room cleaning:
    Dusting, moping and wiping is available to make the main room of  your dream house look beautiful. Fixing the flowers pot and adding fresh flowers to it, re-arranging the lamps, pillows, fixing the hanging lights etc..

* Bathroom cleaning:
clean wall, mirror and tiles to make your bathroom super clean and shiny. Get rid of crazy dog living there. 

* Cloth wash:
 You will have to wash clothes in machine and dry and iron and fold them.

* Garage clean up:
       Let’s clean cute car by washing it and throwing trash to the dustbin and decorate it with cute stickers.

* Living room widows clean:
         Collect the trash, clean the windows and seats and decorate the living room!

* Dog house clean:
Make your virtual  pet dog happy by cleaning and fixing it's little home - dog house!

* Swimming pool fixing:
Fix the swimming pool, clean the water and change the tiles!

* Garden cleaning and fixing:
       Fix swings and slides and decorate the garden to make it playable for Jini and friends.

      Hey, little princess! would you like to help Jini with deep cleanup of her dream house in this 3+ years old games?
      I swear! That will be super fun! And I think you’ll  start loving home cleaning  after playing this one! 

                 Here are some cool features of this game:

- Experience a wonderful gameplay
- Master great Cleaning abilities 
- Find the secrets for a perfect cleaned spot
- Get habitate to use the dustbin  to keep the floor is nice and clean. 
- Scrub the stains off the Mopping, sweeping  and arranging things are very much important in the house cleaning games! 
- show your house design talent
- variety of tools to make house  clean. 
- Learn how the house keeping is actually done.
- Moreover, you can also try to design home by yourself! 

    No doubt, it's not easy to keep your home clean and neat.It requires a great deal of time and energy, whether you live in a small house or a  huge bungalow . 

  Now a days, our schedules are so busy that it takes great  amount of time and dedication to  for a thorough top-to-bottom cleaning.
    So, let' s begin your sweet journey of  ideal house cleaning! 
Hurry up ! download this Ideal Home Cleanup make  your dream house look  beautiful!

We hope, you' ll enjoy playing this adorable game by lion roar!
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