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Version1.3 (4)
UpdatedAug 29, 2012
DeveloperIDEAL Group, Inc. Android Development Team
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IDEAL MP3 & Audio eBook Player App

MP3 Music Player for People who are Blind


IDEAL MP3 & Audio eBook Player is an advanced, fully-accessible MP3 music and recorded eBook player for Android devices. It can also serve to organize and replay classroom recordings through the use of ASR - Free MP3 Sound Recorder.

1.Create following directory tree on your SD card:
2.Create the following, additional, subdirectories based upon the artists (title of eBooks), albums (chapters) and sound tracks (MP3 files) you wish to save to and play from your SD card.

/sdcard/ideal/music/title of eBook/chapter/chapter.mp3

Music Examples
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/a hard day’s night/and I love her.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/a hard day’s night/can’t buy me love.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/a hard day’s night/I should have known better.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/abbey road/because.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/abbey road/carry that weight.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/abbey road/come together.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/beatles for sale/baby’s in black.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/beatles for sale/eight days a week.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/beatles for sale/every little thing.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/beatles/beatles for sale/everybody’s trying to be my baby.mp3

Recorded eBook Examples
•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/1. A Scandal in Bohemia/Recording.MP3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/2. The Red-Headed League/Recording.MP3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/3. A Case of Identity/Recording.MP3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/4. The Boscombe Valley Mystery/Recording.MP3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/5. The Five Orange Pips/Recording.MP3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/Adventures of Sherlock Holmes/6. The Man with the Twisted Lip/Recording.MP3

Gestures to Control and Play Your Music & Audio eBooks
• Tap = Play/Pause
• Swipe horizontally from the Right to the Left = Previous track
• Swipe horizontally from the Left to the Right = Next track
• Swipe Up and Hold = Rewind
• Swipe Down and Hold = Fast forward
• Swipe from the bottom Right to the top Left = Previous artist (eBook)
• Swipe from the bottom Left to the top Right = Next artist (eBook)
• Swipe from the top Right to the bottom Left = Previous album (chapter)
• Swipe from the top Left to the bottom Right = Next album (chapter)

About the ASR Free MP3 Sound Recorder
Thank you to NLL for enhancing their wonderful Android MP3 recorder called “ASR- Free MP3 Sound Recorder” in a manner that is fully-compatible with IDEAL MP3 Player!

NLL’s modification to ASR enables students to easily create sub-directories on their SD card. Students can now record classroom sessions and save their recordings to custom sub-directories designed to be compatible IDEAL MP3 Player.

This will enable them to quickly navigate to any previously recorded classroom notes for a specific subject, topic, and recording date.

Here are some examples
•/sdcard/ideal/music/complex numbers/powers of i/2012-08-16_3.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/complex numbers/addition/2012-08-16_4.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/complex numbers/subtraction/2012-08-16_5.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/complex numbers/multiplication/2012-08-16_6.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/solving equations/one equation/2012-08-16_7.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/solving equations/two equations/2012-08-16_8.mp3
•/sdcard/ideal/music/solving equations/numerically/2012-08-16_9.mp3
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