Easy to play! Great adventure! Dragon Idle Adventure Game!

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DeveloperWow Effect Inc.
CategoryGames, Casual

Play as a Mother Dragon and watch your dragons play and grow in this super fun, super cool, peaceful and healing idle game!

🌞Relax and Enjoy🌴
Relaxing idle game! Keep your dragons playing while you're away! Never been easier to multi-task! Play with your favorite dragon!

🐲Super Cool Dragons🐉
Hatch, grow, and evolve all baby dragons with different colors, appearances, and personalities!

🎆Fun with Style🎇
A wide variety of cute stations for your dragons to play at, from Hot Springs and Cozy Cabins to Cafes and Sushi Bars!

🎮Collect and Play 🎮
Gold makes Dragon-mom happy! Collect piles of gold to wake her up to hatch eggs, and even destroy obstacles with a fiery blast of dragon fire!
Send your hatchlings on quests to search for precious dragon stones to evolve them to be bigger and stronger!

🌄Explore the Awesome🌎
Travel from rolling green hills to icy snow fields while your dragons continues to grow and become stronger and mightier!

Email: weffect.cs@gmail.com

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