Electro Mage's Journey - Conquering Devildom


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Sep 30, 2022
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Idle Electro Mage: Item frenzy GAME

‘#Electro_Mage’ is a graduate of a magic school and has an incredible magical power.

She's invested in electrical magic that burns her enemies to the bone... BZZZT!
She calls herself ‘The #Electro_Mage of Sizzling Lightning Attacks.’

She manages to make her powerful colleagues yield to her power
and then sets off on a journey to destroy Devildom and find more formidable opponents.

Join the #Electro_Mage and conquer Devildom together!


Official Discord : https://discord.com/invite/JZKgfg2ZPF


▶ Game Features
[Various Skills]
There are many skills, and they're all useful!
There’s no need to pick your skills! Just learn and use them automatically!

[Online/Offline Idle Gameplay]
Electric Mage fights in battles and grows even when you're offline!

[Conquer, Massacre, Raid]
Let's conquer Devildom, massacre demons, raid enemy land,
and compete with other players!

[Forum and Ranking]
Talk with other players if you need a buddy to play with!
Check your ranking to see how far you've come!

Sizzling hot idle RPG!
Train #Electro_Mage through shocking and amazing adventures!
Idle Electro Mage - Item frenzy!


▶ Notification on Smart Phone App Permissions

[Access Permissions]
This app does not require access to your app permissions.

[How to Disable Access Permissions]
Please follow the method shown below to reset or disable access permissions.

[OS 6.0 or Higher]
Settings > Apps > See all Apps > Select the App > Permissions > Select Enable or Disable Access Permissions

[OS below 6.0]
Upgrade the OS of your device to disable access permissions or delete the app


• This game is a free-to-play game which allows you to purchase items with cash. Purchasing paid items may incur additional charges and you may not be able to cancel your subscription based on the type of item you purchase.
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