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Idle Farming Giant is fun and relaxing incremental game!

Version1.0.2 (42)
UpdatedJun 15, 2020 (6 months ago)
DeveloperiColdo Games
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Hello friends, are you ready for a wacky adventure? Start your first day of the village life with only a few dollars and build up from there! When you're ready, take on the challenge, start building a lovely farm and use your wisdom as a leader to become the greatest and richest in the farming community! Don't think things will be easy, even if your journey to becoming the richest farmer in the universe is going to be fun it will require a lot of work, idle work that is!

The earth, the sun, and the rain can only help you so much, you can't idle away all day! Well, actually you can, but you need to be lively and earn your bread if you want to make money faster! A world of giant opportunities is open to you. Even if agriculture and animal husbandry have been around for a long time I know you can do it better!

You'll need plant your seeds, tend the land, harvest crops, mill the cereals, cook and tend to the tiny animals all by yourself. You don't have the money for fertilizers, plows, a harvester machine or to hire any helpers! Don't forget to upgrade your buldings, they're the foundation of your household! The only way to become a great farmer and a prosperous member of the community is through hard work! Once you've made some profit you can begin hiring outside help to make your life easier.

Beware, if your production is slow under the black skies activate the magical rainbow power, clear the storm clouds and boost the production of your crops and make the animals happier!

* Optimize and automate your farming to earn money even when you're away!
* Choose from hundreds of cool upgrades!
* Bring cool summer rain to your farm to increase production by powering up the Rainbow!
* Prestige and earn bonuses on your next season!
* Invest with wisdom in either upgrades, managers or relax with a casual fishing game!
* Taptap if idle production is not enough? Taptap away and earn even more money!
* LevelUP for increasingly more powerful rewards!
* Discover a vast amount of unique items. Can you collect them all?
* Get smart and make connections that can help you earn more!
* Compete with your friends and show them who the best farmer is!
* Find peace and serenity while building a giant in the farming community!
* Eye-catching visuals!
* Ever-growing daily bonuses!
* Wise managers that help you earn more money!
* The number one fruit and vegetable provider for Area 51!
* Explore the wondrous life of a farmer!
* Get free gems every day by unlocking the Gem Mine!
* Try and fish THE BIG ONE, a mythical fish that grants wishes!

You're unsure on how to become a giant in the farming industry by being idle? We'll help you along the way and send some gems your way on every level-up! Be wise and use the gems for profit multipliers! There's a myth that you can even use these mysterious gems for time travel!

The farming life is hard from all the taptap-ing you're doing but it's also rewarding when you're earning all that cash! Don't forget to spend money on upgrades and managers to earn more!

Testimonials from our most ardent supporters:

"Their vegetables are delicious! We would starve without them!" General K-Now Ledge, Area 51 Commanding Officer.
"Squish-squash!" Slushy the tomato.
"Cluck cluck cluck" Mary Elisabeth, Chicken Royalty.
"Thou hast to visit our not-so-humble domain peasants!" Moorabela the Vexxed, Cow Princess.
"I think I'm in the wrong game, I was supposed to be on an ark." Gorrax the Kind Giant, a young Drake from a different game.

Don't forget to visit our fruit stand on the 20th of September at Area 51! We'll be near the fence!

If you want to get in touch with us or get a chance to earn some free gems, follow our social media at:


The freshest vegetables and fruits are awaiting harvest and the animals are eager to help, what are YOU waiting for? Go ahead, It's time to become a farmer of myth and legend!

What's New

Minor bug fixes.

Email: office@icoldo.com

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