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Oct 30, 2021
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Idle Follow Me GAME

50 new heroes have been added.

[Event Details]
1. 160 real exhaust various draw items
- 5 Legendary Weapon Draw Tickets (new)
- 5 Legendary Armor Draw Tickets (new)
- 5 Legendary Accessory Draw Tickets (new)
- 5 Legendary Equipment Draw Tickets (new)
- 5 Unique Weapon Draw Ticket Weapons (New)
- Unique Armor Draw Ticket 5 pieces of armor (new)
- 5 Unique Accessories Draw Ticket Accessories (New)
- 5 Unique Equipment Draw Tickets (new)
- 100 million gold
2. 2 x 10 Million Experience Potions
(When using both, start at least level 50)
3. Provision of 5-star summon tickets for each purple star
4. Unique informant set provided (5 pieces of armor)
5. Unique Reaper's Blessing Weapon
6. Unique Reaper's Blessing Shield
7. Unique Ocean Breeze Accessory Set
(3 pieces + 1 Ocean Breeze Ring)
​[Payment method]
When you create an account, it is automatically paid to your mailbox.
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■ More than 50 types of hero characters you've never met in an MMORPG!
Hunting boss monsters 10 times bigger than hero characters!
Party-hunt the more ferocious unique regional bosses that you can't handle alone!

■ MMORPG can be raised while neglected.
A convenient automatic hunting system that server AI helps!
Even if you log out, the server AI supports automatic hunting and party hunting through simulation!

■ Choose from over 80 heroes and play a party with 4 people!
Warrior, Knight, Archer, Wizard, Healer All 5 types of job characters can be selected!
Hunt the heinous boss monsters with the most efficient faction configuration and other user party configurations!

■ Nostalgia Stimulation Enjoy the fun of earning and farming with a variety of item options!
The fun you can feel while checking!
Item farming fun with convenient automatic hunting system support!
Acquire high-quality unique items obtained through crafting and manufacturing!

■ Resurrection of 1:1 trading fun with private stores that have disappeared from mobile MMORPGs!
Open your own personal shop in town!
Try 1:1 trading with other users!
These are the real fun of life in MMORPG!
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