Beat zombies and survive.


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Jan 15, 2024

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Idle Zombie Hunter GAME

## Game Features ##
[Innovative and Hilarious Monster Design]
Embrace the charmingly quirky art style that will sweep away any unhappiness. You'll never guess how exaggerated and humorous the next monster will be!
[Zero-Operation Casual Idle Gameplay]
Too mentally exhausted from work or studying and just want to relax while gaming? No intricate maneuvers required - hero skills are automatically released throughout the game, and resources can be collected simply by idling.
[Diverse Gameplay for Anytime Enjoyment]
Challenge the limits with the endless train, explore the path to survival in the foggy wilderness, or encounter mysterious monsters... There are new surprises waiting for you every day.
[Global Server Ranking Challenges]
Compete fiercely with survivors from all over the world.
## Story Synopsis ##
As a vagrant, you wake up one day to find that the world has completely changed. Mutant monsters roam, the world starts to crumble, and no other survivors can be seen... Use your fists to fight your way through and search for other survivors.
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