8.7.1 (Aphrodite)

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Version8.7.1 (Aphrodite) (74)
UpdatedNov 24, 2020
CategoryGames, Casual

iGOT Game

International Game Of Tag

An eon's-old venture of flailing extremities, paired with hysterical screams, in a meager attempt to initiate infinitesimal contact, symbolizing a dramatic redistribution of power. (No physical contact required or recommended).

Come join the world's biggest game of Tag! You'll be presented with a list of those nearest to you, or use a Radar Boost buff to see even further! If you're IT, tag whomever you'd like and earn points for more Buffs. The further someone is, the more points they have, and the faster you tag someone, the more points you'll get.

Don't want to be tagged? Put on an Immunity buff to thwart any incoming tags.

Feeling mean? Put a Vampire Buff on before tagging someone to steal some of their points!

Want to send the Tag back to who tagged you? Use a Challenge Buff to duel them in a random mini-game!

Don't forget to show off your style with custom user Banners in the Settings menu, or change up your distance measurement to find out how many bananas someone is from you.
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