Initiate iHealth device measurements.View all your iHealth data in one place


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Aug 21, 2023
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iHealth Myvitals (Legacy) APP

Automatically track and manage your key health vitals all in one place. Set up all your iHealth devices in one screen, and take control of your health. Use easy to read graphs and charts to see changes and trends over time and use one-touch sharing to keep your doctors and caregivers updated on your vital status and progress. Your data is automatically stored in the app and in the secure iHealth cloud*, so no need for back-ups or log books. The app provides instant access to your measurements and allows you to see how you are doing versus goals and tells you how you are doing versus published medical guidelines for key measurements like blood pressure. You can also add your own notes and context including mood and activity type using the simple to use icons and buttons. The app supports the iHealth Blood Pressure monitors, the iHealth Scales, the iHealth Pulse Oximeters and the iHealth Activity and Sleep Trackers. iHealth: Smart for life.

•View all your iHealth health data in one place
•Initiate iHealth device measurements and receive automatic uploads of the measurements
•Track how you are doing versus health goals
•One-button to easily share your information with loved ones and caregivers

What’s New
We are pleased to announce that a new version of our iHealth MyVitals app will be available soon. It is designed to provide you with a better user experience. Please expect the following changes:

•The app you are using will become legacy version. We will no longer issue software updates for this app.
•You will receive a notification with a link to download the new version of the iHealth MyVitals app. Please download it as soon as possible after receiving the notification.

About iHealth
iHealth Lab’s award-winning line of products include blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitors, body analysis scales, pulse oximeters and activity trackers. All products sync directly with a free mobile app to make measuring, tracking, and sharing your health data virtually effortless. Our family of top quality devices are integrated with the latest technology to give you a full picture of your overall wellness. iHealth: live smart, live better.
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