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Jul 21, 2022
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iHuman Chinese - Fun Learning APP

Interesting Chinese characters, starting from iHuman! iHuman Chinese is a fun and engaging app for young children to master 1,300 common Chinese characters. Children engage with Chinese characters through animations, children’s songs, interactive activities, and 130 original leveled picture books. Learn, read, and play at your own pace with customizable content settings.

iHuman Chinese has been carefully designed to provide a wide range of age-appropriate activities and content for young learners.

【Product Features】
- 1300 Chinese Characters
We have carefully selected 1300 characters so children can explore the rich history and magical world of Chinese characters.

- Personalized Your Learning Experience
We help you find the best way to learn. Our step-by-step content system, combined with data analysis tools, means we can create personalized settings that work best for you.

- 130 Original Picture Books
iHuman Chinese has 130 simple books that use only the words learned on the app. Join the adventures of Little Polar Bear while practicing your reading skills!

- Learn the History of Chinese Idioms
Explore and learn 50 commonly used Chinese idioms. Watch fun videos about idioms before saying and using them yourself.

- Unique and Fun Activities
iHuman Chinese is jam-packed with over 800 activities designed to help you learn what characters look and sound like—all while having fun!

- Special Features
Learn about the strokes and radicals in each character, see how characters were originally developed, use memorization methods to help you learn, and much more!

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