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लेट्सअप एक इन्फोटेनमेंट (माहिती + मनोरंजन) आणि हायपर लोकल न्यूज अ‍ॅप आहे. आम्ही स्थानिक बातम्या, राजकारण, टेक, जीवनशैली, करमणूक, टिप्स,लाइव अपडेट, व्यवसाय, तंत्रज्ञान, राष्ट्रीय आणि आंतरराष्ट्रीय उपडेट विषयी आपल्याला माहिती देतो. आम्ही सर्व बातम्या विश्वसनीय संसाधनांमधून तुमच्यापर्यंत पोहोचवितो.

Be vigilant, Stay informed, Get verified News in your preferred language!

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We deliver news and updates, topics of your interest in a personalized feed just for you at light speed with trusted resources.

LetsUp offers you live news around you within seconds. Currently, covering local Marathi & Hindi news from 35+ cities, 30+ districts in Maharashtra.

LetsUp App उच्च-गुणवत्तेची न्यूज आणि मनोरंजन थोडक्यात:-
★ ताज्या बातम्या आणि चालू घडामोडींची नोटिफिकेशन्सद्वारे तात्काळ माहिती
★ लेख अथवा बातमी ऑफलाईन देखील वाचता येते.
★ बातम्यांचे एकत्रीकरण व्यासपीठ राजकीय, करमणूक, टेकनोलोजि, खेळ, व्यवसायातील बातम्यांमुळे आपल्या भाषेमधील विश्वासार्ह स्त्रोतांकडून एकत्रित केलेले
★ २जी आणि ३ जी नेटवर्कवर सहज वापरता येण्याजोगे मोफत ऍप्लिकेशन.


◉ Local News
Get aggregated local infotainment news in your language from Indian districts & towns, cities. Know the latest of your hometown news in LetsUp.

◉ Latest Consolidated & Verified News/Updates
Know more about news, traffic, events, and beyond. Dig gems that really matter to you!

◉ Highly personalized feed and content of your Interest
Explore community, cater your curiosity and reading interests, making you read content that’s really interested to you. Read information with purpose and value!

◉ Stay on top of Topics and Trends
It allows you to follow what is trending, treat us as your personal newsstand and digital magazine collector.

◉ Podcasts- LetsUp Wani
Listen Audio News Bulletin (LetsUp Wani), Inspirational Content & Stories, Book Review many more to stimulate community power

◉ Multi-formatted Content: Text, Images, Audio, Video, Info-graphics
Experience the latest, vibrant and quirky videos & refreshing content across India in regional languages.

Get all Local City News of Maharashtra

Made with ❤️ in India. Envisioned by Mr. Narendra Shantikumarji Firodia. LetsUp is a Free, news and infotainment platform at your fingertips.

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❖ Launching New Fresh App User Interface
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