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Hindu marriages imply customs, rituals and elaborate celebrations. A conventional Hindu wedding ceremony mostly lasts for four to five days. The function is divided into three parts pre wedding ceremony, main day ceremony and post wedding ceremony.

In a Hindu indian wedding, the wedding ambiance is set a week before the wedding. There are various rituals, which are followed before and after the wedding.

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Marriages, according to Hindu beliefs are made in heaven, and once you are married, the bond is supposed to last for seven lifetimes. It is considered to be a turning point in an individual’s life as he enters the second important phase or ashram of his life – the ‘Garhasthyaashram’. A lot of importance is associated with marriages in Hinduism as it is considered to be one of the most important duties of a man’s life. Through marriage he is paying his debt to his forefathers, by procreating children and ensuring continuation of his family’s lineage. Hindu weddings are long processes, with various rituals that may take days to be executed. Every single custom and practice in a wedding ceremony has deep philosophical and spiritual significance. Throughout the world the Hindus adhere to these set of rituals and continue on the traditions of marriage that is unique amongst those in the world.

After horoscopes have been matched, and the priest has given his blessing to go ahead owing to pre-determined compatibility of their birth charts, the groom’s family visits the bride family to see the bride and finalize the marriage. Elders of both the families are seated and the bride-to-be is brought in, properly decked up in fine clothes and jewelry. The bride is seated in the middle of the room and is scrutinized by the boy’s family members, often interviewed to judge her domestic knowledge. The groom may or may not accompany the elders in this first visit. If he is, the bride and the groom may be allowed to converse or even meet in private, although such meetings will be heavily chaperoned. If the groom’s family considers the girl suitable for their son, they will intimate the girl’s family through the matchmaker. Sometimes, there are investigations around the neighborhood to absolutely determine suitability of the match. If all goes well, the marriage talks proceed, solidify, and move towards formalization of the match.

* First step: To respect and honor each other
* Second step: To share each other’s joy and sorrow
* Third step: To trust and be loyal to each other
* Fourth step: To cultivate appreciation for knowledge, values, sacrifice and service
* Fifth step: To appreciate purity of emotions, love, family duties and spiritual growth
* Sixth step: To follow principles of Dharma
* Seventh step: To nurture an eternal bond of friendship and love

On completion of this ritual the marriage is concluded and the couple seeks blessings from elders of the families.

A reception is either organized by the bride’s family after the wedding rituals have been completed to feed guest and get them to bless the couple. Or in some cultures it is arranged by the groom’s family after the bride has arrived from her paternal home.

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