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Indian Spiritual Healer - Remedies to all Problems APK

We provide services like Astrology, Vastu, Hypnosis, Tarot reading, PLR, etc

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Why Choose Us?

What happens when liberating spiritual teachings blend with the most effective emotional healing methods? A productive, results-oriented therapy that becomes an awakening experience in each session. Kirti Kanodia, Certified Hypnotherapist, Theta Healer, Family Constellation and Past Life Regression therapist specializes in emotions, Anxiety, Fear, Depression or any stuck, Unwanted feeling or pattern.

From her own quest for spiritual truth, Kirti knows that beneath the most disturbing emotions or negative beliefs lie wholeness, wisdom and deep peace. Therefore, she guides clients to experientially feel this aspect of themselves in each session. From this perspective, solutions replace problems; deep insights and harmony overshadow turmoil. Her approach reveals the truth of Einstein's words: "You can't solve a problem at the level of consciousness that created the problem." The problem dissolves from a "deeper" or "higher" perspective.

Freedom from a negative emotional issue (Anxiety, Depression, "Stuckness") is achieved when two things happen

You dissect the problematic emotion to its subconscious core, revealing a body sensation and a memory which carries a false, unconscious belief. You view the issue from a dimension of yourself that already feels whole and secure, untouched by the problem. "She often ask her clients toward the end of the session: 'Is there anything in the universe that can harm you?' The answer is always an emphatic 'NO!' because they are tuning into and responding from a soul aspect of themselves that possesses 'clear seeing' without fears.

Many people find that after years of counseling they still have old beliefs that trigger them during stressful times. Kirti guides clients to see through these limiting subconscious beliefs that underlie depression and anxiety. Although we can intellectually understand our problem, we'll repeat the same patterns until the body and subconscious are fully aware of the truth. While immersed in "true seeing," you become free from the grip of negative subconscious beliefs. As you go within, you truly get what you need. More than a therapy, it's an awakening experience. A session is tailor-made for each client using a variety of therapeutic modalities.

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