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INDIES is a flagship project of Sare Jahan Se Acha Socio-Eco-Pol Foundation which is registered in Pune as a Not for Profit, Section 8 Company under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India. Stray Dogs in India are often referred to as Indies by many animal lovers. Across India, there is a large community of volunteers who take care of Indies by way of feeding, vaccination, medical attention and even sterilizing them. There is also another section of the population showing serious signs of hatred. As a result, there is growing conflict between humans and animals (in this case Indies). Studies are being conducted to reduce this conflict. As per a BBC report (May 2016), India has approximately 30 million Indies and more than 20,000 people die of rabies every year.

There are Government bodies which have come out with various guidelines to tackle the issue of the growing Indies population, increase awareness regarding cruelty towards animals and vaccination programs. In keeping with the above mentioned guidelines, INDIES is a technology platform which aims to enable volunteers in India who are directly working in the field to perform their tasks more effectively and efficiently. It is a Hyper-local Connect & Care system.

INDIES wishes to achieve three main objectives –

• Reduce human and animal conflict through various educative and awareness drives
• Speed up sterilization drives to scientifically and systematically control the Indies population
• Implement various vaccination programs including Anti-Rabies through the existing channels

Through this project, we hope to achieve these 5-C’s

• Collar : Indies will be collared with an inbuilt NFC chip to store details of that Indie
• Census : Get proper area-wise census
• Control : Sterilization and vaccination through the AWBI’s ABC/AR program
• Co-exist : Spread awareness about the importance of human & animal co-existence
• Collaborate : Connect with animal welfare workers, the veterinary fraternity and other related service providers

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