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Oct 12, 2022
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The Inform-App and the platform on are the ideal solution for sharing information. In the platform, you submit your request for a digital form. In the app, anyone you authorize, can use it.

Users of the app can send information such as orders, worksheets, registrations, surveys, applications or other forms. It can also be utilized to share with others information such as manuals, newsletters, procedures, work instructions and other documents.

With Inform, it becomes easier, faster and cheaper to exchange information directly. For more information, visit and create a company account for free.

Smart and safe

Inform has a wide range of useful tools. One can easily create notes, select items, generate a signature, capture location, enter a license plate, add photo or video, make a pin in a photo or image with comment, add text- or checkboxes and many more.

You can put subforms in (sub)forms and customize it, allowing you to create the form the way you want with your own logo and colors. When filling in forms (online or offline) you can pause and continue later or push notifications when another colleague completes a pre-filled-in form. You can also add data in the app, such as a list of names, actions list, materials list, etc. All data is sent by encryption and stored on a secure server. So confidential information can be transmitted safely from sender to recipient.

From now on, your employees will always have the correct forms with them on their phone or tablet and they can also work offline. Stop using paper forms today and start saving time and money. For more information and instructions on how to create your own company-account, go to


Inform works with credits and there are no additional costs for using the app. The credits are not purchased by the user but by the owner of the forms. Inform works via pay-per-use upfront. Any form-upload will cost 1 credit, unless more than 5 pictures are sent or special functionality in the form has been applied. When building the form, the amount of credits per upload will be determined with the owner and listed in your account, see for more details. The credit balance and usage will also be kept in your account accompanied by submitted form-changes and/or new form-requests.


Why choose Inform?
- The best formbuilder
- Unlimited number of users
- Import data with Excel to use in your forms
- The data is yours and always well protected
- White label app (
- Marketplace with widgets and plug-ins
- Create your own widgets
- Free API (many integration capabilities)
- Pay per use
- Submit pre-filled forms
- Use sub-forms in sub-forms in sub-forms …
- Add video’s or drawings to a form
- Add pins to a drawing or a photo

Want to save more time and money? Let us help you integrate Inform with your existing IT-systems.


If you need help, please let us know and send an email
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