Intag giddy photo editor, square size pic, make likes and follows for instagram.


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Mar 16, 2018
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Intag - giddy photo editor APP

Intag pic giddy editor give you square quick photo for instagram, and you have all the giddy or tag as your wish, we supply hundreds of stickers with lots of fun. Most of the important, you can maker custom giddy or tag, add text on photo, you can add text\number\icon\emoji in the tag, you can change the tag's color too. It is fun, colorful, awesome, amazing, histper and great!
*select your photo from gallery or camera
*100+ awesome fixed tags supply
100+ awesome tag icons supply
30+ excellent retro and film filters supply
10+ adjust options supply
10+ light leak filters supply
10+ frames supply
60+ awesome emoji emotions supply
20+ cute pixcel stickers
20+ best quote stickers
*add the fixed tag or giddy stickers on photo
*changed the fixed tag sticker's number or text
*create the custom\blank tag or giddy, add icon in tag, changed lovely color, make your own style
*create the emoji tag or giddy, add emoji in tag
*add snapchat style text on photo
*mirror image in 4 options , create wonderful photo mirror effect
*crop or no crop the photo as your wish
*changed color of snapchat style text
*add emoji stickers on photo
*add overlay stickers on photo as white pattern layer
*square photo quick by select 1:1 ratio, no crop photo share to instagram or facebook
*blur the photo background or mosaic background
*change the color of the background
*add normal text on photo

People calls this kind of sticker as Bubble Sticker, Hash Tag Sticker, Hot Tag, Giddyology, Giddylizer.

Note: All the emoji images are from twemoji open source project. Copyright Twitter Inc.
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