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Read the bible, cross-refs. Discover bible persons, events and places visually.

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UpdatedDec 08, 2019 (8 months ago)
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The Bible mentions a lot of historic persons, with complex human relations, and ancient places that often no longer exist and we thus have no imagination of. Also, like today, there are many "Mary"s and "James".

This app tries to make the Bible more explorable: Click on a name and see everything about that person: Their family tree, their places on a map, and the events they were involved in. You can jump to that event and read about it in the Bible. When "Capernaum" is mentioned, you can see it on a map, and what else happened on that place and who else was there.

Because I have added almost all information personally, the content is still very limited. The eventual goal is to get a list of all Bible events, in order of time, and read the Bible - e.g. the gospels - in the order the events happened, instead of book by book. But it's not there yet.

The app contains the whole bible, and you will have the whole text stored on your phone, so you can read the Bible without Internet connection. The "Personal reading" feature stores where you left off. To start at a specific chapter, click on a verse number and then on "Set bookmark".

Caveats and known bugs:
* Although I'm a professional software developer, I have developed this app in my free time, so the quality is necessarily limited.
* Content is very limited, as I added all content manually myself, and tried to be diligent.
* I may add Bible explanations in the future, and switch to another Bible translation.
* You can search for names of known persons in the database, but not for bible verses. Because it works fully offline, there's no fulltext search - not yet.

IMPORTANT: This is an early test version, a public BETA. Please report bugs and improvement suggestions directly by email, not as ratings. The app does not yet have the full potential that it is intended to have, and still contains bugs.

Price: The app is free, has no in-app purchases, and no advertising, and that will never change. I received free, so I give for free.
Privacy: The app operates fully offline and does not collect and send any information of any sort about you. It uses the Internet only to fetch maps (satellite images etc.).

Wisdom is the prime thing. Acquire wisdom; and with all that you acquire, acquire understanding. (Prov. 4:7)

Email: mappa.bible@gmail.com

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