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Version0.2.6 (16)
UpdatedJul 16, 2014 (6 years ago)
DeveloperDaniel Rust
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Some RSS feeds are broken. They still usually have websites. If you long-press to disable them in the channels menu, the aggregate should work. Or manually view your favorite. Functioning channels as of 22 March 2020 are: Arms Control Wonk, Sean's Russia Blog, Foreign Affairs and World Economy news from Google. Missile Threat is quite broken so disable it.
**Update: it looks like Google's news feeds are back.**
**Google has changed its algorithms so that specialized news feeds (such as world economy) now all post the same thing. For the best experience, disable these feeds and focus on the blogs.** *If it's taking too long to load, try disabling feeds from the Aggregate Tab by long-pressing them in the feed list. The idea is to give you the maximum choice in Int'l Affairs, you decide who to follow, & who's default.*
This app allows you to follow prominent voices in foreign affairs as well as related news and current affairs categories via RSS, while adding your own as well. Enable/Disable feeds from the Aggregate Tab by long-pressing a feed from the Channels option. It is based on the open source app, FeedGoal. Several new feeds have been added; if you installed the app a while ago, clear the cache or uninstall and reinstall for these new feeds to work. Last updated 7/15/2014
Feeds, some new:
War on the Rocks
Arms Control Wonk
The Duck of Minerva
Across the Aisle
Nukes of Hazard
Sean's Russia Blog
Ploughshares Fund, Early Warning
Rethinking Security
The Aviationist
Wings Over Iraq
The Bridge
WOTR Art of War
Missile Threat
Arms Control Now
WOTR Molotov Cocktail
Dart-Throwing Chimp
Listen to NPR Morning Edition
Foreign Affairs (general news)
World Economy (general news)
The Progressive Realist
Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
Enable/Disable feeds from the Aggregate Tab by long-pressing a feed from the Channels option!
Favorite (save) articles, blog posts
Switch between feed channels
Set default feeds
Add new feeds
View combined feeds
Online/offline viewing
Share articles to other apps (imports title as well)
View on web
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