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Apr 23, 2019

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Internet Speed Booster & Speed Test | Speedtest APP

Internet Speed Booster & Internet Speed Test: Internet Speed Meter optimizes your Internet speed.

Choose you speed test server and location for better results.

Are you experiencing Internet speed master slow down and look for an Internet boosting app to optimize Internet Settings?

Internet booster is developed to optimize your Internet Speed and broadband speed.

Actually, the app optimizes your Internet connection speed making it work as a phone booster & signal booster & wifi booster app.

The app analyzes your network and adjusts your WiFi and 3G/4G parameters to its optimal settings to significantly increase your Internet signal connection.

Main features of Internet Speedtest & Optimizer (Network analyzer):

1. Speed booster & optimizer: actually, it optimize Internet speed and automatically adjusts network settings to provide you with fast Internet connection and system optimizer.
2. Supports Wi-Fi and 3G/4G networks for faster connection, internet speed meter and enhanced user experience.
3. Very easy to use, you only have to click on the button to launch speed test and enable/disable Internet speed test & internet boosting.
4. Support of large collection of Android devices and versions (almost all versions and devices are supported) including tablets.
5. The app is regularly updated with new amazing features and bug fixes.

The Network analyzer module calculate internet speed on both wifi & 4g, download speed & upload speed, ping test calculator and displays results after task finished.

The TCP/IP analyzer module analyzes your tcp ip settings and displays a detailed summary of your network configuration.

The Speedtest module calculate your internet speed letting you choose to run the test from multiple locations and speed test servers for optimal results.

Enjoy Internet Speed test & Internet optimizer and support us with 5 stars rating on playstore!

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