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Version4.0 (184)
UpdatedNov 25, 2015 (5 years ago)
DeveloperHYSG LTD
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How it Works

By utilising android smart phone devices, data from GPS satellites are captured to calculate position, direction and speed. InTransit Software constantly monitors the devices location, direction and speed and logs this status information to the tracking log. Intransit also utilise national GPRS data networks to track location where gps is not available and together with GPS is logged at regular intervals. This data is then accessible via your Intransit Software desktops and the clients own web-booking portal (if required) to provide clients with real time location and track and trace functions.

Mobile Description

InTransit Mobile: Proof of Delivery System. Having the most up to date information and data is essential for staying ahead and reducing costs. Real-time information can be gathered live from each and every part of the process, from dispatch through to delivery with Intransit POD Proof of Delivery System.

Typically when driver's deliver goods to customers they will have either pre printed invoices or a pack of blank multi-part PODs to use to confirm a POD signature. Upon completion of the route, the driver returns to the depot with his signed paper copies of Proof of Delivery (POD’s) and the information is manually loaded onto the system.

InTransit Mobile improves your performance by replacing:

Changes to the delivery cannot be reflected on pre-printed invoices.

Handwritten invoices are time consuming and can lead to errors.
Time consuming management time duplication of work information.

Time lag of paperwork being returned equals delayed invoicing.

InTransit Software with its digital signature capture (POB & POD) technology can provide safe and accurate recording of proof of receipt. This information is instantly uploaded remotely to your database or web-server. Not only does this do away with needless and inefficient paper methods but also vastly reduces the timescales involved.

Email: support@intransitsoftware.co.uk

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