Inventory oN Android APK

App for performing a data collection by scanning a barcode

Version2.15 (32)
UpdatedSep 24, 2018 (2 years ago)
DeveloperMarian Hudcovsky, PSW a.s.
CategoryApps, Business

INA - a little big ANDROID application

This application is designed to make data collection for example inventory, income, expenditure, orders, or sale of goods with bar-code reading using bluetooth reader, respectively internal camera.

Readed codes can be retrieved:
- goods in stock including storage positions
- clothing hung on hangers, shoes in boxes
- contents distributed through the building, including their location
- items in the showroom or Specimen catalog
- other

- several documents opened at the moment
- setting up entry method / Item - > Quantity, Quantity=1 - > Item , Quantity - > Item/
- setting up data type, setting the desired on-screen-keyboard type /numeric - alphanumeric/
- setting up 2 custom fields that you can name and identify the on-screen-keyboard type
- setting up duplicate item handling
- recommended scaning a barcodes using portable wireless bluetooth barcode scanner HID-compliant, use of 1D and 2D codes
- alternative scaning a barcodes using internal camera
- detailed display mode
- summary display mode by item
- sort records by any field
- filter records by any field
- sum the number of viewed items
- sum the quantity of viewed items
- setting up network connection to a web service
- obtain additional item information from a web service
- export data (in detail/summary per item) in CSV and XML format to internal/external memory
- the output data file is named acoording to the inventory
- send exported file to a web service
- send exported file via email
- delete the processed inventory check
- history of the values
- delta value to increase / decrease the quantity
- backup and restore database (licensed version only)
- separate function "Item info" available if web service is defined
- import descriptions of items from .csv file
- decomposition code via Application Identifiers
- decomposition code via user-defined decomposer
- settings the font size for action: Item info
- settings an alert tone to check the entry of the item in the document
- settings an alert tone to check duplicate code
- settings the timestamp format
- settings on/off the visibility of imported fields and its aliases
- settings on/off the pre-fill QUANTITY by imported field QUANTITY
- settings on/off the visibility of the unit price and total price of the document
- settings on/off using the field Position
- settings on/off checking the existence of entering code in the imported items

This is demo version - limited export to 10 items and max. 5 items/document
To get full version contact: obchod@psw.sk or obchod@bartech.sk

Sample barcodes for testing web service: http://www.psw.sk/data/ina_test_codes.pdf
Examples of a connecting to the web service.

Web Service Address: http://www.psw.sk/web-service/ina-post.php
HTTP Request Method: POST
Query String Name: id
Sample PHP Web Service Code: http://www.psw.sk/web-service/ina-post.txt

Web Service Address: http://www.psw.sk/web-service/ina-get.php
HTTP Request Method: GET
Query String Name: id
Sample PHP Web Service Code: http://www.psw.sk/web-service/ina-get.txt

Email: hudcovsky@psw.sk

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