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Make better right financial decisions with Invest Analyser 2!

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UpdatedJun 28, 2016 (4 years ago)
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Do you want to invest like Warren Buffet or Robert Kiyosaki?
Are your investment strategy is value investing?

With Invest Analyser 2, you can quickly calculate a lots of financial ratios.

Invest Analyser 2 analyze financial statements of any particular stock by calculating its financial ratios and will help you to make the right decision as your investment in stocks.

Invest Analyser 2 is more about ratios the user can calculate alone. Some financial data in particular websites are sometimes inaccurate and here Invest Analyser 2 helps - user can be sure the ratios he calculates is 100% accurate.

You can quickly calculate ratio like:
* EPS (Earnings per share)
* P/E (Price to Earnings)
* ROE (Return on Equity)
* Book value per share (BVPS)
* Current ratio
* Debt to equity or Debt ratio and many more etc.

Can calculate a lot of range ratios like:
* Liquidity Ratios
* Profitability Ratios
* Cash flow Ratios
* Market Value Ratios
* Debt Ratios
* Dividend Policy Ratios
* Earnings Policy Ratios
* Most Important Ratios

You can save your data for later using. Just click Save Data, give a name and that's all.
If you want to load your saved data, just click Load Data and that's it.
If you like the app, you can share it with your friends or business partners for future analyzing companies together.

With Invest Analyser 2, you will be more confident when you want to buy a stock or stocks, based on your finance decisions.
Investing will not be so risky. Just calculate some kind of ratio(s) and make your investments like a children's game.

If you like our app, we will appreciate if you rate it. Thanks in advance! Happy analyzing.

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