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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

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"If your money is not working for you while you are sleeping, you are going to die working for it."

We strongly believe in the above quote and are trying to disseminate the knowledge about investing in SIP, SWP, and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum.

All of us have the different goals in our life and we are saving & making the investment accordingly, some are saving for a child`s education while others are saving for buying a dream home, some are saving for a foreign trip while others are saving for their retirement. We all have different objectives/goals and are accordingly making our financial decisions, but are we going in the right direction to achieve our goals? The answer would be probably yes, no or not sure because we are not certain or specific in making our financial planning.

Albert Einstein once said, "Compound Interest is the eighth wonder of the world".

Investment Gyaan helps you to leverage this eight wonder. It helps you in financial planning by introducing you the most popular methodologies for investment in mutual funds through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), SWP(Systematic Withdrawal Plan), STP(Systematic Transfer Plan) and to get you acquainted with the basics of crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum. It helps you calculate the future value of your monthly, quarterly, yearly investment.

- You get a detailed explanation of various investment options like SIP, SWP, STP, Bitcoin, Ethereum.
- You can calculate the value of your investment (SIP, SWP) after every month, quarter or year.
- You can estimate the final amount of your initial investment.
- You can see the gain/profit from your investment.
- You get a list of recommendations to grow your knowledge before actually putting your money in the market.


Email: aarkapps@gmail.com

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