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Aug 18, 2017

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Invisiblock is the ultimate app locker with a unique invisible gesture unlocking mechanism.
Now you can hand your phone to anyone without worrying about your privacy being compromised ever!
No unauthorized user would ever know whether you've locked your apps or not or why they can't access them. Its an invisible layer of security that protects your privacy and keeps your personal data secure.

Here's how it works:
1. You select the apps you want to lock and set a secret gesture for unlocking, and then lock your phone, i.e., turn off your screen.
2. Now, when someone else accesses your phone and tries to open a locked app, a fake error screen would come up, and he/she would have no idea what happened! The only way to gain access is to draw the secret gesture over the fake error screen.
Note that the gesture drawn would be invisible, hence nobody would be able to know even the existence of the gesture unlocking mechanism!

Now once the secret gesture has been drawn, you'll gain admin privilege and would be able to access all your locked apps till you turn off your screen again. This way, you wont have to bear the pain of authenticating yourself every time you want to access one of your locked apps.

You can set a recovery PIN to regain access to your locked apps in case you forget your secret gesture - just enter the recovery PIN when you launch Invisiblock and set a new gesture.
You also have the option to hide the Invisiblock icon from the phone screen when any unauthorized user is accessing your phone, so that he/she won't even know about the existence of such a security feature.
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