Need to speed up android system? You can do it very quickly with app optimizer.


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Jan 13, 2022
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IQ Cleaner - Boost your mobile & clear app
Need to speed up android system? You can do it very quickly with app optimizer Android.

Is your phone freezing? Many users have such problems and there is a solution.
Is your mobile overheating? Is there a constant lack of memory? Do apps and games freeze all the time? These problems are familiar to many users. How to solve them? Install a data booster cleaner on your lagging gadget to optimize the Android software system! A professional speed booster app cleans the cache, cools down the battery, optimizes game files and programs, and makes your gadget faster and easier to use!

Use data booster to make your phone much quicker!
The device could lag or have some bags because of a lack of storage memory. When there are a lot of junk files the software starts to overload and all the processes become much more slowly. The standard type of cleaning doesn`t remove all cache files stored in deep places in the phone's memory, it cleans only files on the surface. Moreover, when you delete an app the mobile keeps some cache files from it. So you need a professional phone booster to get to hidden data and delete the residual cache. Phone booster will help you to keep gadgets optimized. If the RAM is overloaded, you can`t do even easy actions, like a switch from tab to tab. 

The device becomes too hot? IQ Cleaner may help!
When you hold your gadget and does it overheat quickly and the software starts losing speed? This doesn`t mean the device is broken. If your phone has a little free space, it will become slower and slower, moreover, it will overheat all the time. To solve this trouble use the CPU cooler. It will optimize the work of your battery by stopping all invisible processes of unnecessary programs, slowing down overloaded apps, and making your battery work more stable. This option can be really useful if your mobile loses battery power too fast. 

Using this tool of speed booster you can prolong the battery`s and device`s life. Sometimes your phone has hidden processes, even if you closed the programs themselves. This function stops them.

Use speed booster to make your gadget fly!
The most important option of the data booster is, of course, boosting. Tab the icon ‘boost’ and wait a few seconds. The speed booster scans the phone for minor bugs and fixes most of the system errors After that, you will find your gadget optimized and quicker! Renew your phone in a couple of clicks! Often people decide to buy a new mobile too fast, without trying to fix it themselves. Don`t waste your money! Data booster is free. 

Don`t worry if you didn`t try to use such programs before. The design is intuitively understandable and every user could handle this phone booster. Try and improve your device! We work only with Android systems.

The booster will delete junk files, clean the internal memory and RAM, free up space on the phone, optimize its operation, disable apps that are invisible running in the background, and cool the battery. After using all its functions, your device will work at 100%!

Disclaimer: on some androids, functions may not work correctly due to the peculiarities of the operating system.
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