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Learn guitar and read music with 240 lessons. Learn to play guitar sheet music.

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iReadGuitar Pro teaches you the essentials of sight reading music on the guitar. It has 240 exercises and is for guitarists of all styles.

You'll learn to read ahead - a vital professional skill, and you'll come to understand what musical symbols mean and how they work.

By the end of the course you'll be able to make sense of real musical notation as found in regular sheet music.

The course has sixty sections. Each section teaches only one new musical element at a time. A new musical element can be a note, rhythm, key signature, time signature, rest, accidental or tie. For each new musical element there are four musical exercises to practice it with.

The information screen is the first part of each section. You see a new musical element on screen, with its explanation. When you're ready you swipe left - the first bar of the first musical exercise appears. It's static and shows the treble clef, the key signature (sharps or flats or nothing), the time signature (24, 34, 44, 38 or 68), the notes in the first bar, the tempo down button – 5 bpm slower per tap, the tempo up button – 5 bpm faster per tap, the number of that section and the number of the exercise in that section.

When you're ready to play you tap the screen. The tempo buttons, section number and number of the workout disappear and the 'slide-show' starts. You hear drumstick clicks which count you in. You don't play yet!

The second bar replaces the first bar and the musical accompaniment begins. You play the first bar while reading the notes in the second bar. You are already learning to read ahead!

When the second bar is replaced by the third bar you play the second bar while reading the third bar. You continue like this to the end of the exercise.

Reading ahead like this gives you time to think and to plan fingerings. Don't worry! There are clear instructions at the beginning of the course which explain the read-ahead process in very practical detail.

The accompaniments are all on the beat. They are chords or single notes and give a solid reassuring basis to play along with. They are played on piano and will keep you in time and add to your enjoyment.

The course embodies the three principles of efficient sight-reading:

1. Read ahead. It gives you time to think and to plan fingerings. The 'slide-show' format of the exercises makes it possible to learn to do this.

2. Don't name the notes. When the new element is a new note you are not told its name. You don't need to know its name in order to read it efficiently. The process should be 'see the symbol, play the sound', not 'see the symbol, name the note, play the sound'.

3. Keep your eyes on the score. You maximize the time available for processing the symbols. You improve your proprioception - in this case knowing where your fingers are on the fretboard without having to look.

You study at your own pace, controlling the tempo of the exercises and reviewing them as often as you want.

As you work through the course the elements you have already learned reappear in the music again and again, supporting the latest element.

At first the melodies are extremely simple. As you learn more and more notes they become more complex. It's just like a touch-typing course where you don't immediately produce proper words and sentences. You have to wait until you've learned enough letters.

As you progress through the course the music will become more and more tuneful and you will soon begin to recognize many popular tunes.

iReadGuitar Pro is technology delivering an old musical skill in a new no-nonsense way - for everyone. It demystifies music notation and lets you in.

Now that you can learn this skill - why not?

Welcome to the world of written music!

Email: linwoodapps@gmail.com

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