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Ethics represents the practical side of the Muslim personal aspects.

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Islamic ethics
Represents morality practical aspect of the Muslim character of a fact translation of what Eetmthelh and apply it in his life from the effects of the true faith and divine judgments rooted in his conscience, and this work, which we offer in ethics is fairly feat and unique in the door is subject to important rules for the construction of Islamic morality; science guided guided the concepts of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the Great Prophet, and committed to proper controls thought.
And the new studies quoted impartial reflection of the Qur'an and Sunnah; driven out of access to the knowledge of the general principles of the items of ethics in the concepts of Islam and its teachings divine, the most important addition to the collection of these items, and the statement of values ​​and benefits and Tmradtha.
That was the basis for the start of direct reflection of the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him process.
Here we offer this effort and this work for the benefit of readers and the development of ethics in the Muslim community to know that the book Lord and the Sunnah of His including what works in the world and the Hereafter and contain theoretical and moral science science Sharia fullest and pompous image, it is also a source of inspiration and an invitation to the life sciences and science of the universe of all kinds, any religion that full spirit and body and pleases the Lord of the universe.
What Oazation of the grace of God bestowed on us, Vallahm Dedicate all slaves to the path of morality and right through.

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