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Want to Make your Sexual Life better in Married Life?

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Many of the critics of Islam want to mean that women's sexual needs are not of any value in Islam, but men have been given unilateral rights in this regard, when men wish they will fulfill sexual needs and the wife will be ready to meet that demand. There is a huge role in this incomplete recitation of Quranic verses and hadith behind this concept. In fact, seeing some of the Qur'anic verses or some hadith, it is not possible to completely understand the teachings of Islam, but it can in many cases confuse the reader. In order to properly understand the teachings of Islam, all the verses of the Qur'an and all the hadith should be kept in front of it. However, the purpose of my writing is to show that women have no recognition of sexual needs in Islam. (In the rest role)

Want to Make your Sexual Life better in Married Life?

Most men or women think that females do not have sexual needs or men's needs are met when their needs are met, and that is why men leave their sexual intercourse with their sexual needs. As a result, in many cases the sexual needs of women remain unfulfilled. As a result, many women in particular are involved in illegal activities. And most women can not enjoy their full sexual intercourse because of not knowing the right rules. Many people mistakenly think of the Islamic rule and have sexual relations with one of the seats. Which may or may not be pleasant for him. Total 45 seats are discussed with the picture. It will be very pleasant for you. Please accept that.

In Surah Al-Baqarah, verse-223 of al-Qur'an, there is no obstacle that you can interact with as you wish. Do not just go to the anal sex. It is totally unlawful and scientifically is acceptable that you will enter the germs on your body.

Many of us may not know about the normal rules or methods of sexual intercourse. Here are a few ideas about this, although the examples of sexual intercourse from different sources of Hadith are found. But the normal way of intercourse is that the husband will be above and the woman will be down. This is the usual way of identifying every animal. On the other side, it has been indicated very clearly described in the Qur'an.

So we may be wrong in many cases. According to Islamic law, husbands and wives should be holy during sexual intercourse. And to use the perfume before sexual intercourse. This is the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah. Before sexual intercourse, all types of bad smell should be avoided. There are many more rules that are described in this app.

- Introduction (Section 1-5)
- Have sexual intercourse with the Islamic rules
- How to make intercourse
- What is the rule of sexual intercourse in Ramadan?
- What is the procedure for intercourse during pregnancy?
- The person who wants to lose patience
- Some open talk
- Questions and answers

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