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iSpeak is a powerful application that was created to help kids and beginners to learn native and foreign languages for free. Using our application you’ll extend your vocabulary fast and be able to speak in a target language as a native speaker. With iSpeak you can learn the following languages:
• English
• Chinese
• Portuguese
• German
• Russian
• Spanish
• Polish
• Ukrainian
Program contains free lessons that will help you to learn new words and increase your speak vocabulary very fast and effective. Our learning way is built on popular approaches one of which is Doman flashcards methodology that was invented to learn new words very fast by children which can’t even speak yet. We enhanced Doman flashcards methods by our internal research and algorithms that we have developed together with language teachers. The result is the application that is for sure one of the best in the world to learn foreign and native language. With iSpeak kids, beginners and experienced people can study lessons with new words and speak new language easy and in play. The application has a very simple and understandable implementation that may be easy used by children.


If you decided to learn any of the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Polish or Ukrainian language then iSpeak is a very good choice for you to start study new or improve known language for free. Especially, our application will be useful for kids and beginners as it is very simple to use. iSpeak is an excellent choice to start dealing with a new language and increase your vocabulary. iSpeak helps to learn correct pronunciation for the language you have decided to study and to feel as if you have dived into a native speaker’s environment as Doman recommended.


Besides flashcards with words and pronunciation iSpeak includes unique testing methods that helps you to test your knowledge and improve your language skills. These test’s data later is analyzed by our algorithms that give us ability to propose to you better content and show statistics and progress of your learning. Our application is localized to Polish, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Ukrainian, Russian, German, which are the languages that you can learn, and also to many other world popular languages.


We constantly work to improve iSpeak. Day by day we add new flashcards with words and pronunciation to our data sets and new language lessons become immediately available for our users some of them absolutely for free. At the moment iSpeak include 8 world known languages that people can study for free: Russian, English, German, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Ukrainian. We don’t plan to stop on it and soon will add more language and words content to our app to be world’s most developed application in terms of language learning for children and beginners.


There are few reasons why you should decide to use our application if you are only starting to learn new or native language or if you decided to increase your skills in the one you already know:
- Our application is built on top of known methodologies as Doman and Shichida
- We collected for you many thousands of the most commonly used words
- Our application is intuitive for usage even for small kids
- We constantly increase our vocabulary and improve application new lessons you can study are immediately available for our users
- We support world commonly used languages learning such as: Chinese, Ukrainian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Russian and Polish
- We don’t use computer pronunciation and all our words are dictated by native speakers
- Our application is used by many children and beginners around the world and we receive only positive feedback

What's New

Dear user,
We thank you for using iSpeak! To make our products better and make sure you have best solution we constantly add new features and enhance our software. Each our update contains some useful features, performance enhancements and user interface improvements. In this update:
- hot fixes

Email: helpdesk@fivesysdev.com

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