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Aggiornata11 ott 2019
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Connetti, suggerisci e valuta i tuoi dirigenti - in modo trasparente!

How did the 2KB journey started?
In 2017, we were active as a society help-group and decided to expand our reach through election process. In spite of good support from locals, one of our group member didn’t get the election ticket from one of the party and the concerned party leader nominated a candidate who was known for notorious reasons. The candidate was selected on the pretext that this would be his last election and he needed the ticket badly because his daughter was going to get married. We walked away with the determination that we would change this process.

What did we learnt from those days – While our country is democratic, the election process is still not “Democratic”. We would like to change this by creating a medium where people can participate and suggest a good candidate to get the nomination. During our research, we realized that to avoid repercussions, many people don’t speak up in front of the party leaders and succumb to the candidate that has been thrust upon them. Hence, we have ensured that this medium will not reveal your identity and you can freely nominate your preferred candidate or support a candidate nominated by others. In 2KB your identity is safe and hidden.

What we learned post elections – The elected representatives who get elected rarely show up post elections, do you agree as well? Hence, within the 2KB app, we have developed the Smart City module, that will publish their work and allow common people to rate them every month - this would compel the elected representatives to work for the entire elected term.

Download the app and if you feel that we are doing right things then support us, if you feel that we need improvements then suggest us
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