Abjadiyat – Arabic Learning App for Kids APK

Abjadiyat – Arabic Learning App for Kids


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NomeAbjadiyat APK
Versione6.5.5 (357)
Aggiornata03 dic 2021
SviluppatoreAlef Education
CategoriaGiochi, Educativi

Gioco Abjadiyat – Arabic Learning App for Kids

Insegna agli studenti tutto sull'alfabetizzazione araba seguendo il curriculum.

Abjadiyat provides Arabic language skills and knowledge for kids of 3-8 years of age. The app contains a scaffolded approach that ensures students of different levels can learn and practice the Arabic language with confidence at school and home.

Abjadiyat is developed by a world-class team of educators, artists, engineers, gamers, and linguists to ensure the content’s alignment with the various curricula adopted by the Ministry of Education.

Through the Abjadiyat App, the student can:
Access a holistic library of interactive and educational Arabic content following their school’s curriculum.
Enjoy the multimedia lessons which include songs, videos, and interactive activities.
Follow the personal plan created by their teacher and complete assignments at home and at school.
So Practice! Through the “My Abjadiyat” section in the App.
Share their progress with the teacher by completing the quizzes at the end of each lesson.
Know how many classroom and homework assignments they have completed and how many they have remaining.

Download the Abjadiyat Arabic learning app now!
If you wish to unlock our entire library, access our exclusive services and encourage your students to learn Arabic, contact us at info@ibdaakids.com . Don’t worry, you get a FREE trial before you subscribe!
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