With AnyShare you can quickly and easily share documents with people nearby.


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29 gen 2016

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The AnyShare app, developed at Know-Center, enables users to quickly and easily share any number of files, photos and documents with people nearby. There is no need to sign up, use a cloud service or connect to the internet at all – users don’t even have to exchange any contact information.
This is what makes AnyShare unique – it is the best app for all those who emphasize intuitive, efficient file sharing.

Contrary to other products on the market, AnyShare works on both Android and iOS devices. Moreover, our app can handle all common file types and does not need an internet connection for file transfer.

App features:
• Works cross-plattform: share files between iOS and Android and vice versa
• By using the hotspot-functionality of modern smartphones, AnyShare works almost everywhere – even without WLAN
• intuitive usability
• appealing design
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