Un remake di un capolavoro in Windows 95, mostrare al mondo la vostra abilità di tiro!


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30 set 2018

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Bow and Arrow GAME

Become a Bowmaster, a man so skilled with his bow and arrow that known as a legend. Bow And Arrow is a REMAKE of a classic Windows 95 game created by John Di Troia. A master piece, simple yet challenging, even in old-schooled graphics.

In this classic arrow shooting game, you are an archer, a hero on an adventure, having nothing but his archery skills and a brave heart.

Now you have this game back on your own phone.

Prove your skills through 12 levels with insane difficulty.

Train your aiming and shooting with practice mode.

Fire arrows at anything that dares to stand on your path : balloons, apples, shurikens, monsters.

May your arrows hit the bullseye!
May the best archer wins !

I'd like to hear your suggestions, please contact me through strangepulsestudio@gmail.com
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