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NomeCalca App APK
Versione25.0.0 (25)
Aggiornata29 nov 2021
SviluppatoreApliArte Erbolamm TutoGrati
CategoriaApps, Arte e design

Aggiornata - Novità

According to the suggestions received by users from the options menu, the following has been modified:

Getting 10 points would stop the pop-up ads from being seen

* Default image.
* Icons
* Sizes of the texts.
* Font.
If you have any suggestions, you can contact me from the app or at

Thanks for using my app.

App Calca app

Disegna qualsiasi fotografia che hai sul tuo dispositivo come se fosse un proiettore di immagini

Draw, clone, trace any photograph you have or take with your device using this app as a projector or lucida camera

This app is in continuous development, comments and suggestions are welcome at

Seeing that some devices with old versions of Android had problems, I have chosen to share the example images from a secure folder in the cloud.

As if it were an image projector
Draw any photograph you have or take with your device.

Calca app is a tool that will help you transfer any image you have on your device or any image you capture with your camera to paper.

The image will become transparent and together with the camera of your device, it will allow you to see through it.

Using a support, such as a glass, a bottle, a box or those that I recommend in the TIPS AND TRICKS section, the aim is to keep the most comfortable distance for you, you will be able to see through your device, the area where you want to draw your image from camera.

You can draw on paper yes, but you can also make a small mural on the wall if you hold the phone upright and look through it at the image you have chosen on the wall.

You can also find any picture to color and start practicing.

Before I used to do applications for entertainment, due to the lack of work I am dedicating all my time in creating useful and entertaining applications, your comments, ideas and especially your rating with stars would be of great help to me to know if I am doing well or need to get better.

Thanks for using my app
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