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Ultima versione

NomeCalculator APK
Versione1.0.5 (6)
Aggiornata01 dic 2021
SviluppatoreHolmstrom Daniel
CategoriaApps, Strumenti

App Calculator Lock - HideVault

Nascondi foto e video per proteggere la tua privacy!

Use the Calculator Lock to hide photos, hide pictures, hide videos.

Calculator Lock is the Vault app can secretly Hide Photos, Hide Videos and other files without anyone knowing as gallery lock installed in your phone looks as just a beautiful calculator, and works very well. Your files will be secretly stored in vault and can only be viewed after a Numeric PIN is entered on calculator panel of this app.

Use the Calculator Vault app for Hide private, secure and confidential data such as Photos, Videos, Contacts, Safe Password, Secure notes.

Use this calculator vault to hide pictures, hide photos, hide videos and use app lock secretly inside app. Calculator vault is all you need to protect your personal and important photos and videos from others.

Highlight Features of Calculator Locker :
• Hide Priate Photos
• Hide Priate Videos
• Hide Priate Contacts
• Hide Priate Music (Audio)
• Hide Priate Notes
• Hide Priate Files

Feel free to use this amazing calculator video vault and photo vault now!
We focus on pro privacy protection and are dedicated to provide the most advanced video hider and photo locker to keep your privacy safe!
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