Gioco Roguelike basato su una storia di vita reale! Prendi un coltello, mettiti degli stracci e scendi!


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16 gen 2022
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Gioco CELLAR: Pocket Roguelike

A new adventure roguelike game based on a real life story! Get your knife, put on rags and go down the basement!

📱 Simple controls
Walk with arrows. You can throw a knife at the enemy. Now you are ready to play!

😱 Exciting situations every play
Unique levels are intertwined with completely random ones

👺 Unusual enemies
No orcs and elves! There are angry homeless people, crazy karates, maniacs, zombies and many others!

"Finally I can take a chainsaw and remove the accumulated irritation of the day" - Ash W.

📖 Storyline
There are not only dungeon, but also quest storyline levels where you can drink a beer and break up with a girl

🎸 Unique soundtrack
Analog synthesizer and electric guitar set their own atmosphere. You can listen it if you like - just google "bandcamp foxy cat cellar ost"

🎮 Controller friendly
This RPG is fully adapted to gamepad controls. Just plug it in!

👴 Traditional roguelike century-old graphics
You and enemies are displayed in ASCII characters. This is how our great-grandfathers played classic rogue-like games! But also it has modern pixel (ピクセル) art look. What a beautiful mix!

Pocket rogue game without a billion levels of the same type
Are you tired of starting roguelike or any other game with the idea that you can hardly pass it? This rogue is not stretched for 1000 hours of play - it is possible to win even in half an hour!

Not chess, but...
It may look simple, but there is a lot of room for tactics

👍Free and offline RPG crawler
You can invest a coup of coffee in premium version of this pocket roguelike game that I have been working on for over a year, but anyway... it's free to play!

💬 Questions?
For any questions write to
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