Survive on the RAFT! When Roguelike meets the astonishing Sea adventure!


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11 ott 2023
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Clash of Ark GAME

[CLASH OF ARK] is a FREE online mobile game that thrusts you into a zombie-infested apocalyptic world where survivors must master ocean fishing, raft control, customized crafting and unique battle challenges.

In 2029, a viral disaster transformed thousands of civilians into zombies. As the virus spread, animal-man remained unmutated, sparking suspicion and conflict between races; but two years later, infected animal-man emerged, forcing humans and animal-people to set aside their differences and establish a joint defense. Despite their efforts, the infestation proved more devastating than anticipated, and the world soon collapsed into a post-apocalyptic era.


★ Roguelike & Raft Survival ★
Embark on a post-apocalyptic journey, cast away on a tiny raft with nothing but Salvaging supplies to rely on. Expand your raft, develop your defending skills and explore tons of weapons to withstand the crushing zombie waves, shark attacks, vicious pirates, and treacherous weather conditions, while catching fish to stay alive!

★ Crafting & Exciting Challenges ★
Drift through the ocean, encountering various challenges such as mysterious barrels, enemy boats, and hordes of zombies! Develop your own defense system and turn your raft into a steadfast partner in the fight for survival.

★ Unique Animal-Man Heroes ★
Over 17 different animal-man heroes are ready to join your cause. Collect your favorite 3D characters and optimize your tactics to maximize your team's power against the undead menace.

★ Earn the Right to Live ★
Your drifting days come to an end upon reaching the ARK, where fierce competition awaits. Join an alliance, explore the post-apocalyptic world with friends, and build a line of defense against the zombies in this doomsday.

Immerse yourself in well-designed gameplay, stunning graphics, and a captivating soundtrack. Download Clash of Ark now and embark on a unique adventure!
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