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Cypaw - Email Privacy Cleaner


Protezione rapida per dispositivi mobili ed e-mail: il tuo controllo gratuito di sicurezza e privacy


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12 nov 2021
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App Cypaw - Email Privacy Cleaner

Easily find where your data is online with our email cleaner and use automated tools to manage and delete it, increasing your email privacy.
We help protect you against data breaches and big tech companies because we believe your personal information should stay personal.

Sign in with your Google or Microsoft email address and in less than 2 minutes you can see all your online accounts in one place. Discover if you have been in a data breach, easily unsubscribe from spam emails, use disposable email addresses to increase your online privacy and exercise your personal privacy rights to delete your online accounts.

Take back control of your digital footprint with the Cypaw email cleaner and find out what companies have access to your data. Reduce the number of companies holding your data to better protect yourself from future breaches.

📱 Discover your online accounts
Connect your Google and Microsoft email accounts to discover a full list of websites you have signed up to. Knowing what companies have your data is the first step. The Cypaw email cleaner then helps to easily automate exercising your privacy rights to delete your personal information, update passwords, and unsubscribe from spam emails.

🔒 Your Data is Safe with us
Cypaw does not store or sell any user data in any way. At all. Unlike other apps, we believe that a privacy company should keep its users' data private. Data is not how we make money which is why we have in-app transactions. We also built Cypaw from the ground up with your security and privacy in mind using the strongest protections.

⭐️ Your Personal Privacy Rights and Deleting Your Data
Your personal information is scattered around the internet and the dark web. We believe that you should be in control of this information which is why Cypaw has personal privacy tools built in. With our pre-written template, you can easily start to exercise your privacy rights and delete your information from companies.

💻 Automated Data Breach Discovery
Is your personal information safe online or has your personal information been breached? Cypaw automatically searches the dark and open web to check if your information has been publicly breached. We will send you instant notifications if we discover you have been in a hack and had your password leaked.

📧 Disposable Email Addresses
Use our Disposable Email feature to receive emails for a 10 minute time period after which it will self-destruct. Many forums, Wi-Fi owners, websites, and blogs ask visitors to register before they can view content, post comments, or download something. This feature will allow you to carry out these actions safely without further exposing your personal email to risks.

📄 A summary of Terms of Services
Do you know if the company you just signed up to sells your data? TOSDR (Terms of Service; Didn't Read) gives you an overview of the terms of service and privacy policy you agreed to when creating an account. Make sure to read through these key points to decide if you want to use our email cleaner to keep or delete an account.

⭐️ Personalised Privacy
Everyone's online life (Digital Footprint) is different, which is why we provide a personalised priority list of your online accounts that are most at risk as well as giving you a privacy score. Our score shows you how private your online life is at a glance - Think of it as a credit score but for your Privacy.
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