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Ultima versione

NomeDigital World APK
Versione3.4.2 (24)
Aggiornata27 set 2018
Sviluppatorechen zheng
CategoriaGiochi, Giochi di ruolo

Gioco Digital World: Evolution

Digital World: Evolution, gioco CCG online!

Digital World: Evolution is an online monster battle CCG game. Taking an adventure in the new world and fight with world tamers to be the world master.

● Ultimate evolution launched, be the strongest tamer.
Perfect restores the exciting evolution scene.
Through real-time battles to train your monster team become the most strongest one.

● Abundant prizes & Unique gameplay
Arena, dungeon, trials, guilds, parkour and fishing activities are opened. Take a break from battles as you adventure that enable you to power up your monsters.

●Various battle formation.
Enjoy the combination of infinite possibilities, and make the battle more intelligent. Variety array arrangements make the monster battle full of possibilities!

● Hyper-bot PVP stimulate Elven's power
New large-scale cross-service multiplayers dungeon:Dark Forest & Adventure Island. Dominate Elven land to get the resource factories and core resources with your friends.

● Simple system & Cool Effect
Simple battle system! Attack by tapping the pop up effect.
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