Try out this new calling app and start making real video call with green GUY


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Try out this new calling app and start making real video call with green monster and friends

welcome to this Calling Creepy Phone Numbers series is carrying on due to your amazing support! Yes guys, today, i decided that im going to call hulki the green hulkie to talk to him. But then, something INSANE HAPPENED! When you call hulk believe it or not, green monster ANSWERED!! IT WILL BE SO SCARY BECAUSE HE WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE OMG! Anyway TRY NOW THIS AMAZING VIDEO CALLING APP
Do not call hulkk after midnight *so scary*
Real video Call From the Hulk this new calling app , try out now this new video calling app by using this awesome application that everyone wait for it is here now and it’s in your hands. pretend Call from the Hulk the green guy or video call from hulk the green monster allows you to enjoy with your friends and your family and your mates too and if you have kids too you can enjoy with them with this amazing application all you have to do is get it on your device .
real video Call From greenhulk is allow you to make also fake chat with your favorit cartoon which let you contact with your friends with a fakes way you have just to call them and prank them And we guarantee that your kid will love this fake call simulator as fun games for kids .
this is a great video Call From Hulk is just amazing for your children they will love it for sure .

FEATURES of this real video calling FROM INCREDIBLE HULK app :
• Receive video calls from any monster or real video call from princess , or dial it yourself! 
• Receive voice mail from cartoon and superheroes regularly and listen to the messages any time. 
• See live video of yourself in the corner of the screen while you're chatting with hulkk . 
• Grown-ups can activate calls or schedule calls for a variety of situations, such as nap time (more calls for getting ready to go, time to wake up, bedtime, brushing teeth and getting dressed available with additional call packs). 
• You Can Do It!: No matter what you're learning, whether its your ABCs or using the potty, this princess call wants to cheer you on. 
• Happy Habits:Healthy habits are more fun when you do them with the green monster . 
• Playdate with the green monster : Play and pretend call with the green guy

this app is totally safe for your kids and also for you , they will think that they make a real video call From Hulk and they will think thats they talk to Hulk and peter the parker and Anna on the phone

Don’t never and ever make real calls with hulk at 3AM because he is so scary so you can make video call with the green monster , but this app also allows to kids to talk to their favorit carton and make video call with princesses, real video Call From Hulk and ask the next episodes of Fake Call From Hulk. Now with this fake call simulator you can get a fake call from Hulk and talk to peter the most famous parker and Anna on the phone to amaze your kids and make theme believe that Hulk call theme on the phone in face it's just a fake call using this amazing fake call simulator. 

This is the best games for kids/fun games this Fake Call From Hulk calling app is the kids game and for you that will let you have a funny times with your kid while you get a fake call from Fake Call From Hulk and let your kid talking to the Hulk, we guarantee that your kid will love this fake call simulator as fun games for kids and enjoy talking to the green monster
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